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Arizona Cardinal Pat Tillman Killed in Action

Friday, April 23rd, 2004

75th Ranger Battalion badge

Soon after the attacks of September 11, 2001 Pat Tillman turned down a HUGE contract with the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and joined the US Army. Tom Barnidge from NFL.Com tells the story well. Mike Lopresti from the Reno Gazette-Journal also gets into the what led Mr. Tillman to his decision.

This was a man of extraordinary honor and sense of duty to his Country.

It’s sad to see him gone but that sadness is tempered by a sense of pride. Tears that began as sorrow suddenly swells the heart when I consider that this man willingly gave up so much so I could sit here in my comfortable office and watch, read, and listen about the war while he saw, fought, and died in the war.

Don’t tell me about the reasons for the battle in Iraq. Don’t tell me about how evil this Bush administration is. Don’t tell me about how it’s only the poor, destitute, lower-middle class that is fighting this war. All the talk will never make me think anything less of Mr. Tillman and his brothers and sisters fighting over there. They are all true heros.

Prayers to his family.