ACLU offers Webform for groped women

Posted by on December 22, 2004

Ya know, I’m no fan of the ACLU lately. Over this Christmas season they have done everything they can to remove my Savior from His birthday all in the name of the theory of Separation of Church and State. But sometimes they do good stuff and as I heard a Constitutional Law attorney say once, our Constitutional Rights are often hardened by scoundrels.

The ACLU’s latest is sorta rubbing me the wrong way…pardon the hideous pun. It seems that the ACLU has put up a form that will allow women to file a complaint about the way they were handled(again…the pun) at an airport. Now I would be pretty upset if someone groped my wife at an airport in the name of “national security”. I know my wife and the last thing on her mind is doing anything to hurt anyone…except me on occassion but that’s for another post. I guess for me, remembering some of the other things the ACLU has supported in the past, this is just another straw on the camel’s back. Is the ACLU actively trying to weaken our airport security? Are they really concerned about the privacy of women…or men for that matter? Could it be that this is just another attempt to sully the President?

Okay, so that’s a reach. But I still can’t seem to figure out what they are trying to do with this. Sure, there will be a few less women complaining about being felt up at the airport but we all know that it won’t be the last complaint.

Let’s have a look at the potential threat involved here. Richard Reid had enough explosives in his heel to blow open an aircraft. How much explosives could be concealed in your average C cup bra? The barbarians have already shown their creative streak in spades. A couple Chechen Widows, a couple large ace bandages, a couple D cup bras(giving room for their natural bounty as well as their payload) and you have a problem. The ACLU asks in their press release:

Can screeners using the backs of their hands – as supposedly required by the TSA’s policy – tell the difference between a woman’s breast, a padded bra or prosthetic breast, and hidden explosives?

I know for a fact I can tell the difference between a natural breast and a not-so-natural breast(padded bras and prosthetics are radically different things).

Look, the bottom line is keeping airplanes in the air and NOT mourning our losses as we dig through the ruins. Would the ACLU be happier if we had explosive sniffing dogs putting their noses in crotches and breasts? I rather doubt it. We would ALL love to just walk through a metal detector that also sniffs for explosives but that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. It WILL happen however. Until then, if we choose to fly, we are simply gonna have to live with our government trying to prevent another cruise missile from bringing down another tower. I wouldn’t like getting groped at airports but if it prevents one barbarian from blowing up the plane I’ll put up with alittle grope.

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