Smarting Up the Internet

Posted by on January 14, 2005

Ya know, we hear about how things are getting “dumbed down”. I’ve been griping about how PC users in general started getting dumbed down since the late 80’s with the first shipment of Windows 3.0. It’s been down hill ever since….but there appears to be a turn around in the works.

As folks get frustrated with their spam filled inboxes and spyware hobbled computers they are punting…removing that highspeed access, discontinuing that extra phone line, and cancelling their ISP accounts altogether. I say WOOHOO! If you can’t deal with the reality that YOU HELPED CREATE go back to your pencil and paper, your Corona typewriter, and your US Postmaster monitored mailbox….and leave my cyberspace.

In the article this quote appears:

But 2004 “was a real turning point in a bad direction,” said technology analyst Ted Schadler of Forrester Research. “People are getting really angry. They’re angry at Dell and Microsoft and their cable providers, and that’s appropriate. They should be.”

This is just WRONG. As much as I disagree with M$ sometimes I don’t think they can be expected to protect the user from all manner of digital threats. That is like blaming Chevrolet when your car gets stolen. It’s utter nonsense.

Geesh, I’m such a jerk but ya know what, there are ways to deal with the spam and the spyware. The resources are out there and they are getting more and more prevalent in the MSM. STOP EXPECTING COMPUTERS TO BE BRAIN DEAD DEVICES LIKE YOUR FRIGGIN TOASTER! These are complicated devices that can pose a very real and direct threat if misused and not monitored.

It’s not hard to educate yourself in these matters. SANS offers one of the best libraries on the web for all things security related and one of the consistent requirements for the documents in that library is that the target audience be NEW PEOPLE to the Infosec world. If all else fails, find the term you are confused about and GOOGLE IT UP!

As my vicious dog might growl, “If ya can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the couch!” It’s easy to become a big dog…the knowledge is out there. You can come to understand it and learn the techniques to protect yourself. You may not have the talent to wield that knowledge as a professional and that’s OKAY…I don’t have the talent to be a professional web designer like the King Rat but I can learn the techniques and come to understand them if only conceptually. That’s all I ask of the typical USER. You don’t have to know what a Kernel Mode Rootkit is or how it works. You SHOULD know however when the patch is released to stop said rootkit.

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One Response to “Smarting Up the Internet”

  1. Bryce Says:

    Ummm…that’s web developer…not web designer. Leave the graphics design to the pretty boys.

    Speaking of dumbing down the masses, whatever happened to all these internet appliances that was supposed to replace the home computer by 2002? Seems to me if we gave folks simpler toys to play w/, they’d be a little safer than tying them into a box that’s more powerful that the computers on board the space shuttle.

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