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Posted by on January 24, 2005

‘scuze me whilst I catch my breath! Absolutely the best show on TV but before I get into it I have to say something about the pitiful excuse for TV that shows BEFORE it. Something called “Trading Spouses”…Fox network sometimes really confuses me. Best football coverage…some GREAT dramas…but then they have the most offensive stuff I’ve seen on ANY network. “Trading Spouses” is one of those. Like a train wreck but you don’t wanna look. Sad.

Now…on to the REAL show. 😉

No spoilers here…just reactions.

1) Heller’s son is an idiot…much like the American Socialist Democrat party members. He doesn’t GET it….thinks his life is a spy novel. Get over it son or die in your blind Utopia.

2) Driscol is an ambitious woman and that’s not a good thing in service to one’s Country…think CUSTER.

3) Behrus…or however you spell his name…I think we’ve found our hero. I was cheering for him and you know you were too. 😉

Poor Chloe….I like cute and fiesty women and she was all that and some. I think we’ll see her again though.

24 is the only reason I was even CLOSE to happy today around the orifice. *shudder*…tomorrow is just 7hours away. Ah well…tomorrow will be made by God and if he gives me breath for the day I’ll serve Him as best I can.

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