Freedom and Peace

Posted by on January 25, 2005

I just finished reading through several of the speeches of Sir Winston Churchill. I was struck by the similiarity in sentiment of Churchill and our President George Bush as it relates to Bush’s Inaugural Address. Both men understood well the struggle they found themselves in and held firmly to the hand of an Almighty God to guide them.

Like many others, I have to wonder what the response would be of Bush’s detractors to Churchill’s words of the late 1930’s and 1940’s. I’ve read through the rhetorical blog-skirmish between Smash and Chris Alemany and can’t help but think Chris would have loved Neville Chamberlain’s response to Hitler’s first land grab. For the life of me I can’t understand how people think that Peace can be simply the absence of conflict. If we just empty our guns and dismantle our military the world will be safe from War. If we just hold hands and “talk” we can all come to a common understanding.

What started the skirmish was a comment left to Smash’s post about a protest around the San Diego area where Chris said:

“Freedom is a Human Right”

That’s exactly right… but no Human being should be subjected to all out war by foreign country in order to gain that right.

*Some* Americans need to learn that the United States is not and need not be the “Superman” of the world.

What Chris doesn’t understand is that these people already HAVE that RIGHT…their oppressors will not allow them to exercise that right. This right was given to ALL people by a Gracious God and no one can revoke it. Voltaire said, “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be”…even this French “free thinker” knew that the right to Freedom is an inherent right of being HUMAN and said human need only recognize it. What I don’t understand about Chris’ perspective is that following this logic America, England, and CANADA should have never stormed the beaches at Normandy if “no Human being should be subjected to all out war by foreign country in order to gain that right”. I don’t understand Chris’ perspective at all. President Lincoln should have never resupplied Fort Sumter, triggering the American Civil War if “no Human being should be subjected to all out war by foreign country in order to gain that right”…tipping the hat to Jefferson Davis’ position that the CSA was a soveriegn country(I disagree with said position).

Freedom is. Period. When a people are denied the free exercise of this right by a select few there is tyranny and it simply cannot stand. Eventually there will be revolt and a blood letting….followed by another revolt and blood letting…followed by another revolt…etc…until the Final Revolt where Freedom prevails. In the interim there will be periods of no conflict…is that Peace? Is Peace the absence of armed struggle? John Fitzgerald Kennedy didn’t think so and neither do I.

Those of the loyal(?) opposition would have us believe that we were at Peace with Iraq before March of 2003. Does the fact that the military conflicts never made the papers that happened on a daily basis during the years between the cessation of hostilities following the liberation of Kuwait and the invasion in 2003 mean that a condition of PEACE existed between Hussein and America? What about the thousands being tortured, raped, and butchered by Hussein and his minoin, does the fact that those atrocities were not daily headlines at the NY Times mean a condition of PEACE existed? What about the hundreds of thousands of dollars from Iraqi coffers paid to barbarians for killing the children of Israel…does the fact that this arrangement was not widely known mean Hussein was at PEACE with Israel? No.

So, do we split hairs? Do we set a limit of atrocity, of LIMITED Freedom, before we declare that Peace doesn’t exist? Are we prepared to say, “Well…only 10,000 girls were raped by Hussein’s regime…that’s okay.”? Are we prepared to say, “Hey, it’s only $25,000 per bomb laden barbarian! We can deal with that.”? Would we be prepared to tell King George, “Look, we just want our tea for FREE…you can continue to force your troops into our homes…”? Would we be willing to allow a few House Slaves per household? I wouldn’t.

There comes a time when enough is enough and sometimes ONE TIME is enough. The world is not full of love and light. Humans are by nature WICKED and prone to acts of evil beyond our comprehension. We are restrained ONLY by our love of Freedom…and by extension God. This is the true reality and no one “likes” it but we all must deal with it.

While the loyal(?) opposition rants and raves about how Hussein was “in a box” and the more strident of them spewing forth the most hateful and scandalous articles, pictorials, and comments about individuals in the Administration, 150,000 of our friends, brothers, sisters, and parents are fighting to preserve their Freedom. As Churchill said in the summer of 1940, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

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