The Mark of Freedom

Posted by on January 29, 2005

Wow. Over at Neurotic Iraqi Wife she proudly displays her inky finger where she voted. She calls it her “Mark of Freedom“. Just wow.

And in the comments some nit-wit left this. Let’s see…we have a new bride jonesing for her new husband while he is away working for his new country and you say rub her nose in the fact that both of them are in danger. Gee…first thing that pops into my mind is “Ya think?”…and then next is “You numb nut, have you no sense at all? Play nice or go home.”

God, Bless them and keep them all safe. Have your Angels put a hedge around them all so the Evil One cannot harm a hair on their heads. Frustrate their enemies with your Holiness and Righteousness. Touch them in a Powerful way so they may know you.

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