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Ipsos/Associated Press Poll

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

Well well well…I was actually polled tonight! Questions ranging from Social Security to quality of our food and beyond. As one might expect the questions were leading and designed to put the administration in the poorest light possible.

Questions like “Do you support the Administrations plan to privatize a portion of your social security deduction even if it means a reduction in benefits?”. To their credit they called the Administration on the trial balloon of raising the SS “deduction” to pay for this thing.

At least I was honest with the guy…told him I don’t like dealing with the legacy media but since he had already called three times I figured I better get it outta the way if I didn’t want a call at 3am.


Thursday, February 17th, 2005

It’s a very uncomfortable position to be in….selfish, loathsome, disgraceful, and sickening are just some basic terms that describe how I feel. Not because I have no, and never will have, children of my own….but because of the gut reaction I have when I hear of terrible tragedies that beset folks who can have kids.

I just learned of a close friend who lost their unborn child. He was 4 months along…I suppose one might say B-5 months and counting. Mom and Dad are good people and I truely mourn for their loss. They are and will be in my prayers for a long long time.

The thing that upsets me is my unfiltered, immediate, and emotional response….it’s all the things I said above and more. I have no right to feel that way….just accept what God has dealt me as His Will. Right.

My wife had a similiar reaction the other day when we received word that a good…albeit distant…friend of ours discovering they were expecting number 2. The mother-to-be always said growing up that she didn’t want kids and it seems that now she gets pregnant whenever her and her husband are in the same room. The emotions my wife and I felt then were guilt, adolescent anger, and envy….much the same reaction I had to the terrible news of today.

As I said…I have absolutely no right to be angry with the proud soon-to-be-parents or the grief stricken mom and dad who just lost their son. I have no reason to feel guilty. And Envy is a terrible place to be regardless of the circumstances.

I don’t know…my heart weeps for Paige and Mark. I pray that they know their son is enjoying time with Christ and will be there for them when their time comes.

Father, without you I’m nothing…but sometimes I’m so pissed at you I try to hide from you. Why would you allow me to believe, hope, wait expectantly to be a father and then tell me no? *sigh*….

Your Will be done.

Jerry Falwell…sigh…what an example…

Friday, February 11th, 2005

As I sit here and listen to Hannity and Colmes on XM Radio(Sirius? what’s that?) and hear Mr. Falwell say, “You can’t be an evangelical Christian and vote for John Kerry” I cringe.

I’ve got a couple problems with this interview overall…they have Mr. Falwell and another minister debating Faith and Politics and how they intertwine. How friggin dangerous and disgusting is this?

Anyway, Falwell’s comments don’t surprise me. He’s much better when he has time to prepare. Like Pat Robertson, when he speaks off the cuff after getting alittle stirred up they can both say some incredibly stupid things. Remember what they said after 9/11? How it was God’s Wrath on America? Maybe it was…maybe it wasn’t. I’m sure I’ll know God’s Wrath if I’m ever in the midst of it but I’m pretty sure that the god who destroyed the Earth with a flood, destroyed two cities with fire, and gave up His only Son for my sins can do much bigger things in His Wrath than destroy a couple buildings. That’s a pretty harsh statement but I hope you, dear reader, understands where I’m coming from.

I’m a Christian, Saved by Grace and baptized by immersion. Everything I am comes from a gracious and loving God. Without Him, I am nothing. There are billions of others that believe the previous three sentences. Many voted for George W. Bush. Many voted for John Kerry. Many more didn’t and couldn’t vote for either man. For Falwell to judge the hearts of people based on what ballot they punched is nothing short of pure lunacy.

Iraqis begin to take back their country

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

This story is the beginning of the Iraqi people taking back their country. For those of you who are link challenged, here’s the whole story:

From the Australian Broadcasting Company(ABC Downunder)
By Middle East correspondent Mark Willacy

The residents of a small Iraqi village have killed five insurgents who had attacked them for voting in last weekend’s national elections.

Several other insurgents were also wounded.

The insurgents raided the village of al-Mudhiryah south of Baghdad after warning its inhabitants not to vote in the election.

The villagers fought back, killing five of the insurgents and wounding eight others.

The insurgents’ cars were then set alight.

Al-Mudhiryah’s tribal sheikh says his people are sick of being threatened by Islamic extremists.

Had to be done…

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

In honor of the Iraqi Elections and an outstanding idea by a future leader of our country, Shelley Dangerfield, I offer this:

My Freedom Mark

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