Things that really bug me…

Posted by on March 4, 2005

Okay…so I’m late in posting this but it’s been weighing on my mind for a while.

I have this friend (KR) who works at a certain place. My friend’s boss (PHB) is a very intelligent person with a PhD in a certian discipline that has nothing to do with what this person does to oversee my friend’s job performance. Recently the PHB sat KR down and told KR that KR shouldn’t write things about the workplace on KR’s blog…actually threatened KR’s employment in that thickly veiled way that PHB learned at PHB’s previous employer. Now, the entry in question was hardly derogatory to the workplace and KR later actually made light of it after receiving a promotion! Still PHB saw fit to make a fuss. Why? Could it be that KR tries to do the RIGHT thing in an environment where the RIGHT thing is rarely done? Could it be that KR knows the business for which KR was hired and PHB has no copulating idea? Could it be that PHB already feels threatened because the rest of the staff fully understands that PHB has reached the peak of PHB’s abilities and is now on the downward spiral? Or…could it simply be that PHB is a micromanaging twit who doesn’t know excrement from shinola and when KR says, “No wait! THAT’s the Shinola!” PHB get’s all worked up and lashes out as best PHB can.

Well, PHB, I think I know what the deal is and it’s been played out now for a couple weeks. I actually feel sorry for you because you are in way over your head and much…very much…is on the line. But…fear not…retirement is around the corner and perhaps those higher than you will find someone to actually DO your job rather than just meeting and talking about it.

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5 Responses to “Things that really bug me…”

  1. KR Says:

    It gets better. KR got into a brief shouting match today w/ PHB. PHB asked a question of KR pertaining to the employer’s new web site that is being developed. KR tried to explain, but PHB did not understand and became frustrated. PHB snarled at KR, “You are not helping me!”, to which KR shouted back “Yes I am trying to help you if you’d just listen!”. Doors were shut. Less thinly veiled threats were tossed KR’s way. KR REALLY needs to get this cockroach strategy down. Step one to cockroach strategy: scurry from site and keep your antennae down. At the very least, KR needs to start documenting all the times PHB becomes frustrated with KR and tears into KR for no good reason.

    Oh, and KR apologizes for having to call you at home while you were sick, but even afte all that, KR still can’t get into 34 (notice the new L337 spelling).

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Wow KR….so I see nothing is changing. We’ll take care of 34 Monday. As for PHB…start documenting this stuff…seriously. Start a log of what’s going on with dates, times, you name it. Your log MUST BE HAND WRITTEN. When the time comes take the log to PHB’s PHB and let THAT PHB make the call.

    I’m here for ya man…I’ve dealt with people like your PHB before and know how they operate. This particular PHB is a pro at this game so be careful…logging the incidents is CRITICAL.

  3. KR Says:

    Already decided to do just that. However, I didn’t know that handwritten was critical. I’ll do that.

  4. pilgrim Says:

    handwritten because it’s less likely to be edited afterward. Digital content can be edited and said edits would be transparent to the reader.

  5. DeepThroat Says:

    PHB will have to ride off into the sunset of retirement. Unfortunately, PHB may take a lot of people down before PHB takes the ride.

    If PHB were not such a control freak and a micromanager, then PHB would have worked out very well.

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