Virus Lab on the fly?

Posted by on March 11, 2005

This seems pretty interesting. Imagine for a moment that you get an unexpected email from your grandmother. This email has an attachment. As most grandmothers who are new to email, she sends you a variety of these all the time and most of them you can just delete. Not this though, you want to take a closer look at it but you don’t want to hose up your machine in the process.

Enter The NORMAN Sandbox . Their site claims that this system will standup a completely virtual machine, execute the suspect code on the virtual machine, and report what the suspect code does. Even if the code starts doing really nasty things the Sandbox will not allow the code to jump to your REAL system.

Pretty kewl eh? The system is built into Norman Virus Control. Cost is $64.18 USD for a 1 year subscription which was odd until I realized their default currency is the Euro (e49.00).

They have trials so it maybe worth a look.

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