Three Dead in ATL…

Posted by on March 11, 2005

Well, the syllable count is right but I feel I still must apologize to Neil Young.

This morning a man stole a gun and shot 4 people in an Atlanta courtroom killing 3 including the Judge. I just have to ask, why was a suspected rapist allowed to enter court in street clothes and unshackled? Why was a suspected rapist allowed to enter a court room? Closed Circuit TV is cheap. Okay so maybe it was the whole “standing before your accusers” thing…I’m cool with that. But why not dress him in a big orange jumpsuit with wrists and ankles shackled?

Prayers to the families of the dead. I hope their deaths are answered with a change in the policies of the Fulton County Courts.

UPDATE – Single Mind joins the fray.

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One Response to “Three Dead in ATL…”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    My sentiments exactly. He was on trial for rape, sodomy, possession of a large amount of marijuana, and illegal possession of a machine gun. (The latter of which could easily have included federal felony charges, as that would amont to illegal possession of a class 3 firearm.) We are not talking about a petty shoplifter. On top of that, deputies had found a hidden knife in his shoe on Wednesday. Shackles and closed circuit TV would have been the right way to go with types such as his.

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