Italy to stop paying ransoms

Posted by on March 12, 2005

The London Times Online is reporting that PM Berlusconi has promised President Bush that he will stop paying ransoms for his countrymen.

Fancy that. I’m sure that Fabrizio Quattrocchi appreciates that as he looks down on his former countrymen. As you may remember this is the man that faced his death with a National Pride that I only pray that I could muster under the same circumstances.

And from the “sublime to ridiculous” department:

Gustavo Selva, chairman of the standing committee for foreign affairs in the lower house of parliament says, “The Italian team should have known what to expect, but it appears they didn’t realise how sophisticated the American military are.”

Oh please…come on Chairman Selva, our abilities are well known and if your Intel guy didn’t understand this perhaps he should have been in another line of work. Of course…now he is. Prices are high in the Intel and War business and when you screw up you simply must pay them.

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One Response to “Italy to stop paying ransoms”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    Italy to stop paying ransom? Is that kind of like James Brown saying he’s going to stop beating his wife?

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