Schiavo: Death Watch

Posted by on March 24, 2005

Looks like we as a society have reached the point where we are all willing to let our laws run right over the top of our morality. I’ve heard folks ask the question, “Would you want to live like that?”…but this isn’t about me…and it’s not about you dear reader unless you are Mike Schiavo or Mr. and Mrs. Schindler. Frankly, it has grown beyond even them now that Congress has gotten involved and got us all wrapped up in the mess because they felt the need to pass a terrible bill that ultimately had no impact.

Now it seems the whole discussion has moved to the judiciary and how they are really accountable to no one and seem to be doing whatever they wanna do. While the bill the Congress passed and President Bush signed into law is unconstitutional…until Rehnquist and the gang SAY it’s unconstitutional it remains the law. That law told the Judge James Whittemore to take a new look at the situation:

Section 2: Procedures of S686

In such a suit, the District Court shall determine de novo any claim of a violation of any right of Theresa Marie Schiavo within the scope of this Act, notwithstanding any prior State court determination and regardless of whether such a claim has previously been raised, considered, or decided in State court proceedings. The District Court shall entertain and determine the suit without any delay or abstention in favor of State court proceedings, and regardless of whether remedies available in the State courts have been exhausted.

Websters defines “de novo” as:

Main Entry: de no·vo
Pronunciation: dE-‘nO-vO, dA-
Function: adv or adj
Etymology: Medieval Latin, literally, from (the) new
: over again : as if for the first time: as a : allowing independent appellate determination of issues (as of fact or law) b : allowing complete retrial upon new evidence —compare ABUSE OF DISCRETION, CLEARLY ERRONEOUS
NOTE: A de novo review is an in-depth review. Decisions of federal administrative agencies are generally subject to de novo review in the U.S. District Courts, and some lower state court decisions are subject to de novo review at the next level.

Judge Whittemore flat out ignored this Congressional Act basing his opinion on prior court cases. This started an avalanche of court decisions leading right up to Rehnquist’s little party who essentially said “I hear ya knockin’ but ya can’t come in!”…and here we are.

We are at a crossroads here. We have a choice to make. Either we accept the legal process with maybe a harsh sneer at Judge Whittemore or we ignore the legal process and follow Ann Coultier’s approach. One choice means a woman lives while the other means a woman dies.

This is a hell of a place to be. I hate to see her die but we have her husband saying she didn’t want to be kept alive if she found herself in this position. Now, her husband is a real twit but the law gives him certain rights because he *IS* her husband. If we allow the law to reign here then she dies.

May God give you peace Terri because it seems that we as a nation just don’t care.

I pray that you have come to Faith in Christ while trapped in that shell.

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7 Responses to “Schiavo: Death Watch”

  1. DeepThroat Says:

    I hear ya on that one.

    Bush has only one option left: call in the Florida National Guard.

    It would be risky, as it would be a showdown with the judicial branch. On the other hand, what can they do? Impeach him? His party controls both houses of the State Leglislature.

    It’s not like the President is going to send in the 82nd Airborne to overrule his brother.

    It’s not like Michael Schiavo–even at 6-foot-7–is any match for an M16A2.

    It’s not like the State Police–or even the county Sheriff–will bother with the National Guard.

    Granted, it’s a risk, but this may be a chance to settle the issue of separation of powers.

    Maybe Thomas Jefferson was right: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure

  2. pilgrim Says:

    After listening to Judge Roy Moore tonight I’m thinking that it may be time to exercise the “Coultier” solution(her piece today at HumanEvents called for just what you are asking for).

    but your last statement I should clarify for anyone else wandering by here…DT isn’t a Militia Gun Nut. Gun Nut, yes. Militia Gun Nut…no. 😉

  3. DeepThroat Says:

    Things are not going to get better unless the defacation hits the circulation at a high velocity.

    In this case, the federal courts have consistently ruled that this is a state matter. Gov. Bush can take advantage of that, as he is the Commander-in-Chief for the Florida National Guard.

    As President Jackson would have said…Greer has made his decision, now let him enforce it.

    They can issue rulings until hell gets hit with an ice storm, but courts have no power over the police or the national guard. President Bush–the Commander in Chief of the national armed forces–has the perfect excuse to stay put (federal court rulings).

    That’s exactly what it will take to put an end to this judicial tyranny.

    The question is whether Jeb has the stones. It’s a risk, but it’s time for someone to go balls-out. Nothing will change until that happens.

  4. DeepThroat Says:

    Even Ralph Nader–of all people–is supporting the effort to save Terri Schiavo.

    Keep in mind, like Tammy Bruce, Ralph Nader is no right-winger. Nader, Tammy Bruce, and Peggy Noonan represent three shades of the political spectrum, and all three are pro-choice on abortion.

    However, they each support saving Terri.

  5. DeepThroat Says:

    As of today, even JESSE JACKSON is among Terri Schiavo’s supporters!

    Let’s see…so far here is the list of prominent pro-choice activists who are on the side of saving Terri Schiavo:

    (1) Ralph Nader
    (2) Jesse Jackson
    (3) Tammy Bruce
    (4) Peggy Noonan
    (5) Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT)

  6. DeepThroat Says:

    Add another prominent Democrat: Lanny Davis.

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