Half Horse – Half Gator

Posted by on March 25, 2005

Finally we’re getting somewhat unfiltered reports on the action earlier this week by some of our own Kentucky boys and girls against the barbarians.

What makes me particularly proud is the fact that the soldiers from Richmond are almost certainly descendants of members of the 8th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry like me. I’m sure that Col. Sidney Barnes and the rest of the lads were looking down on these people with pride. Bet they were talking about what happened at Chickamauga(Read the Brigade(Num 192) and Regimental(Num 194) after action reports) when the line broke but this time it was different. As my buddy EW might say, “There they were surrounded on all sides!”.

A 30-minute firefight ensued Sunday morning, pitting 10 guardsmen against dozens of insurgents. When the shooting ended, 26 guerrillas barbarians [edited for honesty] lay dead and another was mortally wounded, while six others were wounded and another was captured unharmed.

Read the above and thought of this song…complete with Midi file for the aural impaired.

Note to Barbarians: Don’t Mess with Kentuckians unless your odds are better than 3:1 in your favor and even then…no guarantees.

[UPDATE: And then I read this on Smash’s site…good news indeed…]

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