Kentucky’s Sex Offender Registry

Posted by on March 28, 2005

I was reading about the various abductions of little girls, including the alleged abduction this morning in Lexington, and feeling my blood pressure rise. I visited the Kentucky Sex Offenders Registry and saw something that troubled me. There are two offenders in Mercer county that are currently not compliant with their registrations. Where are these two guys?


Charles Lyons

Or…more importantly…where are the children of Mercer County?

I went on to look in some other counties with non-compliant sex offenders:

and that’s where I stopped looking. What’s being done to find these people? Clerical error on the part of the State Police?

This information shouldn’t be difficult at all to find and these faces need to be made public…VERY public.

I listed 4 of the largest counties in Kentucky but these guys can travel like anyone else. A VERY brief look at the KySOR finds 67 people that are on the SOR but are not compliant. It only takes one.

And before someone goes down the road of, “You can’t harass these people!”, I’m not advocating that. I just want to know where they are. I want them to follow the law and register. You know…like what we DON’T do for illegal aliens?

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2 Responses to “Kentucky’s Sex Offender Registry”

  1. rita moore Says:

    i need to find out where eugene marquart has been heard of. i went with for 5 years and i knew nothing of this. now, he has been trying to find out where i am at, because he blames me, he has never hurt me but iam very afraid, because i live be myself, because now i don’t know what he would do to me.
    please contact me if you find him.

  2. mark marquart Says:

    i am eugene’s brother. i do not have any contact with him. it was my daughter he did this with. i have not heard from him or spoken to him since. i have an acquaintance who worked for boyle county, and through him, i found out that he was in county jail there for failure to register until a couple months ago. I think he got out in april. i searched the ky state sex offender site to see where he is registered now, and they don’t show any registration. they also show him in violation of the registration law, so he apparently did not register after being released. According to the site, he’s on supervised release, so he should be contacting a parole officer, or a probation officer, or someone of that nature. maybe the boyle county jail can give you some answers. hope this helps you.

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