Let me just say this about Terri Schiavo

Posted by on April 2, 2005

Since I can’t seem to get folks to think alittle beyond the Schiavo case, I’ll say my piece on it here.

I don’t trust Michael Schiavo. I think he had something to do with her injury and feared discovery if she didn’t die. As her legal decision maker he withheld further medical treatment to the point of simple dental care. He acted like an ogre by putting her parents through hell even while their daughter was being starved to death. Not sure I can fault him for getting on with his life but he should have divorced her first. No one would have thought less of him in this world. But he didn’t…and I do.

Courts refused to reconsider the case even as evidence piled upon evidence that something was up. The Senate had no business getting involved with their Bill of Attainder. The House Bill, authored by Mel Martinez(D-FL), made more sense and may have resulted in the 11th Circuit looking into it. House Bill failed because some representatives wanted more time to consider it and debate on it. Can’t fault them there really.

Final analysis…a woman was starved to death on the whim of her husband and by order of State.

I simply MUST look at it this simply. If I don’t I would be forced to act on this injustice in the most dramatic of ways. Rounding up a “posse”, dropping anyone who got in our way, and taking her away. This would result in more of a media circus, much gunfire, and probably the death or imprisonment of everyone involved.

Back to my point in the post below. When we are ready to make that kind of gamble(death and/or imprisonment for life) to stop an obvious injustice we will retake control of our justice system. Until then we wait for Aldous Huxley’s society to overtake us.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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4 Responses to “Let me just say this about Terri Schiavo”

  1. DeepThroat Says:

    I absolutely agree.

    (1) I will trust the coroner about as far as I can pee (which is about five feet, not that I’ve measured it). Michael Schiavo works for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, and has the law enforcement folks in his pocket. The coroner is going to “conclude” that Terri was living a life unworthy of life, and will also “conclude” that there was no abuse.

    (2) That is EXACTLY what burns my derriere about Michael Schiavo. He could have quietly said to hell with it, filed divorce, and left her parents with the responsibility of Terri’s care. They were more than willing to do this anyway.

    Of course, had he done so, it would require for him to forego any monetary enumerations that he might have otherwise had coming to him.

    That the courts refused to consider his commonlaw marriage–which was not discovered until late in the game, and even then only by accident–is a clear travesty.

    When one looks at the lawyers he had on his side, and the “impartial” medical professor whose services Judge Greer enlisted in this case (Hugh Hewitt has done a good job exposing this crap), I must say that there is a larger agenda here: the imposition of a government right to terminate life without due process.

    What made this case egregious is its Talibanistic nature. A husband is fornicating around, has two kids with the mistress, and gets court approval to whack his wife.

    From there, how hard will it be for the government to decide that certain elderly and disabled persons are eating up so much medical assets that “they would have wanted to die if they knew how much burden they were placing on society”? It would be a simple matter to have them whacked quietly with a potassium injection during a routine physical?

  2. pilgrim Says:

    okay…so we agree about Schiavo. Now…what about the REAL issue here?

  3. DeepThroat Says:

    I see a couple of them:

    (1) The government now has the ability to order someone put to death without due process. Aside from being unconstitutional, it opens the door to genocide.

    (2) The judicial branch of government now has ultimate power. They are not accountable to the executive or legislative branches of government because (a) neither branch has the stones to force a showdown and (b) Americans don’t care enough to do anything about this.

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