How many more?

Posted by on April 18, 2005

Learned over the past day or two of another child butchered in Florida by a known sex offender. How many more are we going to allow?

Here in Kentucky there are several registered sex offenders that are non-compiant with their registration according to the State Police’s online registry which they state is NOT OFFICIAL…but still a good place to check to protect your kids. Just go here and supply the county in which you live to get a complete list of registered sex offenders in your area.

A reminder – these people MUST be considered law abiding citizens if they are compliant with their registration. We do not know the circumstances that landed them on the SOR. Consider your own self at the age of 18. If your boyfriend or girlfriend at the time was under 18 and you were sexually involved you were, by statute, committing rape and if charged would have been placed on the SOR. Something to consider before going overboard with this thing.

There is a rant here as well. What in the WORLD is going on in Florida??? How can ANY JUDGE allow a convicted sex offender walk out on a SECOND CHARGE with bail at $200??? Why offer bail at all? Don’t these bone heads know that it’s OUR children at risk? Our daughters, sons, sisters, and mothers??? You notice that these cowards won’t try this crap with men. They have to have something to control, to torture while they scream for mercy. There is no penalty too steep for anyone who would harm a child. Castration is too easy. Skinned alive and submerged in paint thinner occassionally might do it but even then they would bleed out too fast.

Any child rapists out there…come visit me for alittle mountain justice sometime. I’ll cure you…I promise.

[update] I love this guy. Ya gotta go read about the dangers of .45 caliber brain tumors.

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4 Responses to “How many more?”

  1. DeepThroat Says:

    The problem is that the legal system does not see the severity of sexual crimes such as rape or child molesting.

    Many in academia are working hard to promote pedophilia. Examples include John Money of Johns Hopkins University. They are drawing from the Kinsey Studies of the 1940s, much of the data of which was based on child molestations.

    Dr. Judith Reisman–in her book Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences points out that Kinsey’s team molested over 300 infants children in its “orgasm” studies.

    That served as the springboard for what we are seeing in the law enforcement and justice system.

  2. David Adams Says:

    I think we need to get some of our local UK, UofL, etc. ivory tower types on the record about this kind of stuff. I’ll see what I can find…

  3. pilgrim Says:

    BAH! Those folks would tell us all about how these bastards never got the love they needed from momma or how daddy always made them feel inadequate.

    No, we need real people from the real world to apply real pressure on the folks who have the real power to strengthen and enforce the laws that protect our kids. This means *SOMEHOW* raising the consciousness of Kentuckians to the threat and getting them to burn up the lines between them and their state legislators.

    I would love to see one of the local media outlets look into the 51 people in Jefferson County, 8 people in Fayette, and 6 people in Kenton county that presently have address listed as UNKNOWN. I have some things in the works that might get that accomplished. Stay Tuned…

  4. DeepThroat Says:

    I’m still waiting for a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) defense.

    Some bright lawyer will argue that due to the trauma of infant circumcision, the poor bastard couldn’t control his violent tendencies, and therefore is “not guilty” by reason of PTSD.

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