Still seething….

Posted by on April 26, 2005

I posted this here and on The Command Post a couple weeks ago. The post has generated some comments that have left me pretty worked up. Erik the Red(aptly named I think) made the claim that NOTHING that I have was by my own hand. I had to walk away from the machine to calm down alittle bit and still my anger crept back in to my reply.

Go. Read. And see what the other side seems to think about the American Government and what they should be doing.

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2 Responses to “Still seething….”

  1. KR Says:

    But Pilgrim…to a degree he IS right. Are you totally self-suficient? Of course not. None of us are.

    Why do you think Libertarian ideals don’t really catch on, even though DT can make some very good arguments for why they should? Because deep down, the vast majority of Americans realize we need the government’s intervention to a degree.

  2. KR Says:

    Oh…how’s the toe?

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