Can’t. Wake. Up.

Posted by on May 13, 2005

So I go to the doc Wednesday afternoon to have a sore toe looked at. Thought I may have an ingrown toe nail. Sure enough, it was. Doc gives me a run of anti-biotics and a promise to cut me next week or so.

I come home, get the meds, and start the run. Ever since I have been at BEST lethargic and at worst sound asleep. Good thing the doc gave me one of those “Get out of Work Free” cards. Sorta embarrassing though….”Sorry, Doc says my toe is bad so I can’t sit behind my desk and monitor the network.” *sigh*. Of course, it’s not that easy because at any minute a user could forget where his space bar is or she might be struggling to find the “Any” key and I have to go visit them with the Cluebat. So, I suppose it only stands to reason that I be horizontal on my couch with all three Matrix movies(Thanks Parth), Sneakers(the movie silly), and my notebook writing this note.

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