24 – almost the end…*sniff*

Posted by on May 17, 2005

All through this season I’ve felt alittle uncomfortable when the plot turns to something relationship-ish. The tension between Jack and Tony early in the season was reasonable and understandable because it was part of the previous seasons story but the boy-girl stuff that’s been going on has, at times, seemed just tossed in for flavor…bad flavor but flavor. I guess last night was the night to wrap up all those loose ends. Tony and Michelle finally reached a middle ground with the best approach Tony has had in a long LONG time. Jack and Audrey still have this chasm between them but at least they are trying to find that middle ground as well. I’m just waiting for someone to bust into one of the interrogation rooms to find Chloe and Edgar getting it on…you know it’s gotta happen…Chloe on top of course.

*spoiler alert*

Let’s think about something tactically for a moment…You have a suspect pinned up in an apartment building. You have every reason to believe they are a serious flight risk. Why in the world would you land your chopper within ear shot of the building? If yer gonna do that then just fly over the building, zip line down, and do your insertion that way. Unmarked cars establish your perimeter , chopper brings in the door kickers. Pretty boy probably still gets a bullet but the team would be on the shooter before she could get position on another target. *sigh*, I guess the whole Tony and Michelle thing needed alittle more tension. Ah well…until next week. Big 2hr finale WOOHOO! I think I’m feeling alittle sick for next tuesday…hehehe

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