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A story about a desecrated Quran gets 17 deaths, hundreds wounded, and world outrage.

A Crucifix in Urine is declared Art and is paid for by the American Tax payer while a few voices are raised in objection but no guns were fired, no bombs set off, and no riots killing anyone.

Now…I ask you…who are the extremists? Christians the world over have been insulted, enslaved, and murdered. Their symbols have been exposed to the worst forms of treatment, mocked, and ridiculed. Here in America we Christians are called extremists simply because we voted for laws banning Gay Marriage in 11 states and we rhetorically fight for the protection of innocent life. Sure, there are a few nut jobs that react violently and the mainstream Christian community condemns their behavior and encourages punishment under the law of the land.

With the past week in mind, how can any reasonable person claim Christians are extremists now?

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4 Responses to “Comparisons”

  1. Achillea Says:

    I suspect ‘reasonable’ is the sticking point.

  2. DeepThroat Says:

    And–of course–Islam is the “religion of peace”. Radical clerics recruit suicide bombers who slaughter innocent civilians, and they get nothing but sympathy from mainstream media.

    Heck, as much as I loathe Jerry Falwell, he’s not a threat to anyone’s life, liberty or property.

    If the Religious Right were able to codify their entire agenda into law today, nothing big would happen, except:

    (1) Abortion legislation would be left up to the states, just as it was for almost 200 years before Roe v. Wade.

    (2) Sex education would be a family–not a school matter–just as it as for nearly 200 years before radical secularists took over the school systems.

    (3) Gays would be free to practice their lifestyle, except without government promotion of it.

    (4) The Department of Education would no longer exist. This would hardly be a big deal, as the United States did just fine until Carter hit us with it in 1979.

    (5) The National Endowment for the Arts would no longer exist. This would hardly be a big deal, as the United States did just fine until LBJ hit us with it in 1965.

    (6) Law-abiding citizens would be able to buy almost any firearm they wished–with no government interference, just as we could before the National Firearms Act of 1934.

    (7) Any teachers who went on strike would be fired. This would be the death of the teacher unions. No big loss.

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