Can’t we get passed this!

Posted by on May 21, 2005

Another item from The Command Post has me recounting…again…why we returned to war against Iraq. Spent alittle time reading the resolutions today so I knew I had my facts straight and came up with this.

Quoting from UN Resolution 144:

and while I’m making myself later in leaving the office, let’s look at UN Res 687, which set the terms of the ceasefire:

So…UN Res 687 says a ceasefire is in effect if Iraq plays by the
rules set out in 687. Not a Cessation of Hostilities but just a

Hussein continued his work in PUBLIC support of the Palestinian
bombers, continued to SHOOT AT allied aircraft over the no fly zones,
continued his nuclear ambitions.

That isn’t playing by the rules…so the ceasefire ended.

Case Closed.

Last modified on May 21, 2005

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