Conservative Babes of the Web

Posted by on June 17, 2005

Hands down. No contest at all. Michelle Malkin has to be the hottest of the Conservative Talking Heads. And before anyone goes nuts with “Hypocrit!” rants…my wife knows I think Mrs. Malkin is a hottie. Both my wife and Mrs. Malkin would tell you straight up that there’s no fear of me running off with her. Speaking of running off, Michelle tells us she’s going fishing this weekend. Now I ask you…how many other bloggers are gonna get trackbacks for a “Gone Fishin'” post???

How much more proof of her Ãœber Hottie-ness do you need?

[note to Singlemind: I know you have a thing for Ann Coulter. She’s a distant second on the list of Conservative Babes of the Web]

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2 Responses to “Conservative Babes of the Web”

  1. Robbie Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Michelle’s…and fully acknowledge her hotness.

    But my favorite conservative babe blogger is Annika.

    Smart, intelligent, and conservative? Oh, yeah!

  2. SingleMind Says:

    Michelle is definitely a hottie, but she ain’t available. Besides, Coulter has the wit AND the looks. Plus, she’s available!

    Too damn bad she is a New Yawwker. She needs to move to a more right-leaning state like Kentucky.

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