Kentucky’s Homeland Security Directory resigns abruptly

Posted by on June 17, 2005

And Ralph Long, AKA Last Sane Man in Kentucky, starts asking some interesting questions.

I have to wonder if Ralph wanted to say something about this but somehow couldn’t figure out what he wanted to say! He spends most of his piece quoting from other sources…most of which was repetition. Among the points he makes are the following:

Anyway, as far as I can tell the Department of Homeland Defense has only done three things well since it was established.

  1. Create a bloated bureaucracy;
  2. Pass out a ton of pork barrel money;
  3. Make air travel even more unpleasant than the airlines thought possible.

Ralph, Governor Patton didn’t take the office seriously. Imagine for a moment some kind of attack on the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Who would organize the response to that? Those 3 folks hunkered down in the bunker at the end of the runway in Frankfort? What about an attack on the Richmond Bluegrass Army Depot? Bloated Bureaucracy is what your buddy Patton turned the Council on Higher Education into when he created the Council on Postsecondary Education in 1997…and it continues to get more bloated every week in all the wrong places.

Pork Barrel money? You’ll have to share your research into the grants that were awarded. You do have that right? Otherwise you wouldn’t know if it’s pork or not and I know YOU wouldn’t make the same mistake as Mr. Durbin. 😉

Well…you have me on the whole airlines thing. I’m not a frequent flier but I think everyone and their Islamofascist Assassin knows what Ernie did to DC. *SIGH*

But back to the issue at hand…The whole “Citing potential “evidence of criminal activity,”” thing is alittle troubling to me. Mr. Stumbo could call for a search of ANYONE’s home or office based on the “potential evidence of criminal activity”. Sounds like a Privacy issue here even if it is in the office of a Government Agency. Granted, the computer hardware is property of the Commonwealth. I just hope this doesn’t become a matter of policy. I mean how can I trust *MY* users? Of course I don’t so does that mean I have to forensically analyze each machine as users leave their jobs? There is the “potential evidence of criminal activity” isn’t there? I’m fresh out of keyloggers therefore I have no solid evidence so I’ll just have to rely on the “potential” for evidence? Geesh…that’s alittle thin isn’t it? That is unless you are fishing for evidence to justify a political witchhunt…but I’m sure the Attorney General of our Great Commonwealth wouldn’t stoop that low. Well pretty sure anyway. Sorta.

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