Senator Biden on Face the Nation

Posted by on June 19, 2005

This morning I started the run on the Political talkhead shows beginning with Face the Nation. Senator Biden was on. He explained that Mr. Durbin *HAS* apologized for his idiocy and reminded us all that Senator Frist has yet to apologize for the Schiavo case. What?

Senator I’m not sure we are in a tit-for-tat match here. Mr. Durbin has assaulted the integrity of our armed forces. Senator Frist made a terrible POLITICAL decision of making a diagnosis over the friggin television. If we were playing tit-for-tat, Senator Frist has a few more screw ups to go before he catches up with Mr. Durbin. Let’s not get into that adolescent behavior of, “Oh yeah? Well HE said…”. Bottom line is Mr. Durbin has once again made headlines on Aljazeera and given moral aid to the barbarians.

More links dancing on Durbin’s head:

A classmate of Smash’s Dad at Annapolis

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