Durbin Apologizes

Posted by on June 22, 2005

Yesterday Mr. Durbin apologized for his outrageous remarks comparing American Soldiers’ methods at Gitmo to those of Pol Pot, Hitler, and Stalin. There were tears, a Lincoln quote, and sufficient repentence so he covered all the bases. It’s the best we’re going to get so let’s just drop it.

Smash and I seem to be part of a minority voice on this issue. I can understand that folks are fed up with this kind of rhetoric coming from a supposed leader of the “loyal” opposition or anyone for that matter. We can continue to pound on this, reminding everyone and their Islamofascist Assassin what Durbin said, and the two day delay before issuing a weak response. We can demand Durbin’s resignation. Hell, why not just demand his public beating and 2 days in the stocks on the Capital Steps! We may as well if we are going to demand anything else of Durbin or his party. This is all we are going to get. If we, the Republicans, continue to beat up on this *WE* will be labelled the obstructionists and we clearly are not that.

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3 Responses to “Durbin Apologizes”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    I like the public flogging idea myself. 😉

    Seriously..while I realize that this is the best we are going to get from Durbin, the GOP should state..for the record…that while Durbin has apologized for the consequences of his actions, he has not in any way apologized for his actions.

    It’s not about Durbin. We have become a society in which people can do any damn thing they please, and then simply apologize for “what happened” rather than “what they DID”. We have become a society in which people are free not to own up to what they have done, no matter how bad the deed.

  2. Achillea Says:

    Oh, they’re free to own up to what they’ve done, too many people just /don’t/.

  3. SingleMind Says:

    Correction: we have become a society in which people are free to evade responsibility for their actions with impunity.

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