President’s Speech reax

Posted by on June 28, 2005

Good talk all things considered. Both my wife and I jumped when the Officer stepped forward about brought the crowd to attention. It made sense but it isn’t something I’ve seen before on TV. I wonder if the Gitmo bashers would consider it torture…I mean he raised his voice and placed EVERYONE in a “stress” position…but anyway…

For the first time since…well…EVER I heard the President make the statement that Iraq is another battlefield in the War on Terror. Had he made this a theme since day one, a talking point for all his administration to crow on, I wonder what Mr. Kennedy et al would have to say. The same drivel no doubt.

It’s amazing to me how anyone could think we could toss out a dictator, fend off the partisans and foreign barbarians, rebuild the war torn and 30 year neglected country, and establish a Democracy in 2 weeks…which is what Mr. Kennedy et al were chanting. The dust had hardly settled at the kick off point in Kuwait before the drunken Zeppellin(copyright Froggy) was screeching “QUAGMIRE!” from under his swollen red nose.

Soon there after the Quagmire wing of the Democrat Party was calling for an exit strategy…which had the President followed their advice would have been more aptly called an exit tragedy. The President detailed his “exit strategy” this evening. As the Iraqis Stand UP, we will stand down. To put that even shorter we could say, “When we WIN, we’ll leave.”

I haven’t read the “loyal” opposition’s take on the speech…not sure I have to really. “NO LEADERSHIP! HE LIED! BABY KILLER! GITMO! NO WMD!!!” etc etc etc etc.

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2 Responses to “President’s Speech reax”

  1. Joel Says:

    I think people are a bunch of whiners. I’m behind the president no matter what. That’s my military training speaking.

    As far as being called to attention. There’s no problem with that, the audience was soldiers, and the President is the highest rank in the Military.

  2. SingleMind Says:

    I agree. Overall, the speech was well-done, but I’m concerned that it will have little effect.

    We are winning in Iraq, only to lose on the homefront because too many people have decided that nothing is really worth fighting and dying for.

    Sad indeed.

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