8 Seals lost

Posted by on June 30, 2005

SEAL Trident

News continues to trickle in about the fate of the occupants of the MH-47 crash in northeastern Afghanistan. At present it looks like 8 SEALS and the crew from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment(SOAR) have perished at the hands of the enemy.

Froggy has more and asks that we recognize these Warriors by helping out the Navy Special Warfare Foundation and\or the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

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6 Responses to “8 Seals lost”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    Looks like the terrorist bastards got lucky. Those were some great heroes who died.

    Now we need to make some terrorists die.


  2. Joel Says:

    Everyone keeps saying (not you guys, I agree with you, but I am venting) that we’ve lost 1000+ soldiers AHHH! NO!! PULL THE TROOPS OUT!! 1000 soldiers…

    Compare that to Vietnam, matter of fact compare one year of this ground war to ANY other ground war and then come back and bitch. There is always going to be people bitching because people are dying.. But guess what. Those guys over there knew what they were doing, and we are all proud of them for doing it.

    You guys over there, Do you thing. I wish I could join you.

  3. Joel Says:

    As a follow up post. Because someone may as me…

    Q: “Would you give your life for this country? In Afghanistan, in Iraq?”

    A: In a damn second if I had to.

  4. Steve G. Says:

    Strange, I’ve posted several responses to the your previous blog about ‘Questions from the web’, but the counter is not reflecting my posts. They are there, but it’s not apparent. I am commenting here in hopes you’ll see this and pick up on my comments.

  5. SingleMind Says:

    If I pass the medical, I’m going to basic. This old bird wants to go.

  6. pilgrim Says:

    I’m too old and fat to get in now. 😉 I was in in the mid 80s but was WAY to young and stupid.

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