London Attacks

Posted by on July 7, 2005

Union Jack in solidarity with Great Britain
Flying the Union Jack in solidarity with Great Britain

Probably more later as I get more worked up about it but I’ll start with this. The barbarians have struck London. It’s as clear as it has been since Mr. Klinghoffer(and here and here as well.) and before that there are evil people in this world who have taken over a religion and are bent on the death of everything non-Muslim. How many more reminders do we need before we get deathly serious about this? What can we do?

Here’s one suggestion…instead of capturing the barbarians and sending them to their Carribean Retreat I suggest we cut off their heads and mail them to Damascus and Tehran with notes explaining that we hope they have room for all their “martyrs”.

In the bitter and increasingly exacting conflict which lies before us we are resolved to keep nothing back, and not to be outstripped by any in service to the common cause. Let the great cities of Damascus, of Tehran, of Pyongyang banish despair even in the midst of their agony. Their liberation is sure. The day will come when the joybells will ring again throughout the World, and when victorious nations, masters not only of their foes but of themselves, will plan and build in justice, in tradition, and in freedom a house of many mansions where there will be room for all.

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Winston Churchill
January 20th. 1940.
BBC Broadcast

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One Response to “London Attacks”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    Or..better yet. For every person killed in ANY Islamofascist attack, we take two terrorists, burn them alive–and make a video of it.

    We should send the bodies–and copies of the tapes–to the Axis cities: Riyadh, Tehran, Damascus, and Pyongyang.

    Until we start fighting this like a real war–as we did with the Japanese in WWII–this will be an ongoing stalemate for the next generation.

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