PC Crap has to STOP

Posted by on July 7, 2005

Union Jack in solidarity with Great Britain
Flying the Union Jack in solidarity with Great Britain

I love the guys at the ISC and truely appreciate what they do for everyone who uses a personal computer. Part of today’s entry references the London attacks:

London Bombings

Our sympathies to all those affected by this morning’s bombings in London, UK. On behalf of the SANS ISC, we’re saddened by this terrible tragedy, and feel for your loss.

While it’s true that our sympathies and prayers are directed to the victims, I will not refer to this as a tragedy as if it were a mine collapse or something. No. This was a premeditated attack on everything our Countries hold dear. The attackers are useless human trash who sincerely deserve any and all of the harshest tortures my twisted(and your’s if you are twisted enough) mind can come up with.

We may weep while we mourn the loss but don’t you EVER take that as weakness you bastards. We will weep and mourn and then kill you with smiles on our faces.

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2 Responses to “PC Crap has to STOP”

  1. Joel Esler Says:

    YEAH! Someone said it!!

  2. SingleMind Says:

    These bastards want to meet Allah. As their therapist, I’m going to help them get to that destination.


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