Terrorists attack cops in San Fran

Posted by on July 11, 2005

American born terrorists attacked the San Francisco Police over the weekend. Indymedia is gloating of course…they are America’s version of Al Jazeera.

Michelle Malkin has more information.

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12 Responses to “Terrorists attack cops in San Fran”

  1. Rob Says:

    July 11

    Read. This. Now.

    Look how much San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom cares about law enforcement officers. Check out the full story from Michelle Malkin’s Blog. This makes me sick.

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    As usual, Michelle Malkin doesn’t get the story right. Indymedia wasn’t boasting of the officer’s injury. It was showing what occurred on the street when it happened. Thanks to the photographer, the public seems to have an accurate record of the officer’s injuries. The officer’s injuries are obviously unfortunate, but as is usually the case with these protests, inaccuracies and downright LIES are spread by the Right. I didn’t see Malkin write about the allegations that the police may have turned on a bystander who was trying to help the downed officer.

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Rob –

    Allegations made by who? Oh yeah, the one’s pounding on the officers skull! The pic at Indy-Jazeera showed a cop using proper technique to subdue a reluctant suspect…not pounding on him with his stick.

  3. Rob Says:

    Uh, the allegation was made by whoever posted the text and photograph of the injured officer.

    And as we all know as well, not every cop knows how to handle himself. And I am in no way condoning assaulting a police officer.

  4. pilgrim Says:


    I’m not a cop for a very important reason. If I saw one of those yahoos pounding on one of my buddies I would pound back. Cops are cops because they CAN control themselves in the face of evil. Sure, there are bad apples but to extend those bad apples to cover the whole bushel is very Kennedy-esque.

    The pic of the cop wrestling dude to the ground was placed there to show the “brutality” and you know it.

  5. Rob Says:

    Would you have gone after a guy who helped you to find an injured comrade? Would you have chased away a potential witness to a felonious assault? (I don’t live in California, but I assume beating a police officer is a felony there.)

    I was not at the protest and didn’t see how that ‘dude’ was taken down to the ground. I assume that the photographer was and was providing his or her own opinion of it. Looking at the photo myself, it looks like the cop is using a technique that I wouldn’t have described as brutual. However, I didn’t see the entire event.

  6. SingleMind Says:

    That cop ain’t beating a kid. Good (FCC violation deleted) grief!

    Indymedia is a bunch of anti-American thugs who celebrate anarchy. I’d like to find that sorry (expletive) who beat up the cop and work his sorry ass over.

  7. Rob Says:


    Hmmmm. Sounds like you’d fit in well with the people you’d like to work over.

  8. SingleMind Says:

    Are you kidding me? Our cops are easy on these guys. If you want to see what “nasty” is, check out the Republic of Korea cops.

    That’s right–SOUTH Korea–the good guys. They make our guys look like Mother Teresa and the Franciscans.

    People who beat up on cops are thugs.

  9. Rob Says:

    Hmmmm. You’re all over the place. Now you’re bringing in the South Korean police force? That has nothing to do with the beating of the police officer.

  10. SingleMind Says:

    Dude. You’re the one who said, “Sounds like you’d fit in well with the people you’d like to work over.”

    I took that to mean that you believe that police are brutal, and that I would fit right in. Fact is, you don’t know the meaning of the word.

    I have ten stitches in my left knee courtesy of a police department (they screwed up, thinking I was the bad guy, or their K-9 was malnourished), so if anyone has a place to accuse police of brutality, I do.

    From the pictures I saw, it looks like we had some common thugs who were being brutal. If anything, the cops are being too freaking easy on these barbarians.

  11. pilgrim Says:

    Yeah, American police are as “brutal” as a pillow fight. The won’t hesitate to break out the “crowd control” if they feel threatened however.

    Here’s one sure fire way to irritate the cops to the point where they feel you are a threat. While driving down a highway and a cop pulls behind you and turns on his lights and siren…the *INCORRECT* thing to do is stop immediately in the middle of the road. I know a PHD and Senior staff member of a government agency who did just this and was shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, that the cop was alittle harsh in his attitude when he turned on his PA and told her to get the hell off the road.

    Don’t get me wrong(think Ive said this before), there are bad cops. But the good, well disciplined cops FAR outnumber the scum in the uniform. To hear Indy-Jazeera talk it’s the other way around.

    We pay the police to keep order. When we get OUT of order by stopping in the middle of a highway or disturbing the peace by “demonstrating” without a permit, the cops attempt to restore order. If we feel our “freedom of assembly” rights are being violated and do not respond, the cops will up the ante and break out the “crowd control”. We can demonstrate against whatever we want but we MUST keep order…otherwise it’s called rebellion. Last time that happened 600,000 men died and there was only one exit strategy…win.

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