London bombers placed call to Mosque in New York

Posted by on July 16, 2005

Fancy that. ABCNews reports:

Authorities told ABC News that records show Mohammed Sidique Khan, the eldest of the bombers now believed to be the field commander of the attacks, had called a person who is associated with the Islamic Center, a mosque in Queens, N.Y. Yet, a member of that mosque claimed they had no knowledge of the phone call.

Okay…so barbarian Khan calls his buddy in New York. Why? To say “Happy Birthday”? To ask if his buddy’s brother is still upset because Khan cheated on him? Just to check in with a long lost friend? Or could it be this call was to confirm the attacks were to take place?

That’s the most frustrating thing here. If the FBI had tapped every phone line in every mosque in the US then maybe, just maybe, this attack could have been thwarted. However, if Mr. Al-Kennedy, Al-Durbin, or Al-Pelosi caught wind of the FBI operation they would have SCREAMED civil rights violations.

The ABC report continues:

Furthermore, Magdy El Nashar, 33, who was captured last night at his family’s home outside of Cairo and then questioned by British agents, studied at North Carolina State University. Police believe he helped the bombers build their explosive devices. Now they want to know if there are more bombs and would-be bombers.

Police said El Nashar, who denied any involvement in the bombings, left England shortly after he rented the house in Leeds, where they discovered a so-called bomb factory. Neighbors in the Cairo suburb told ABC News he arrived there about 10 days before the bombings. They also said they had trouble believing El Nashar could have participated in the attacks.

Yeah, that’s right Mr. Ross(so-called Journalist), you CLEARLY know more about this kind of thing than Scotland Yard.

Obviously alleged-barbarian El Nashar is a quiet man who NO ONE ever thought would be involved with such a thing…nevermind his fascination with plastic explosives.

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