NYT Op/Ed Disgrace

Posted by on July 25, 2005

David Kennedy wrote this piece of crap for the NYT Op/Ed page today. Blackfive posted his comments here and a reader of his left Mr. Kennedy’s email address. I couldn’t resist.


I am quite certain this isn’t the last of the notes you will receive about your “piece”. I would call your “piece” the most uneducated view of the military I have ever read but I have had the unfortunate experience of reading other articles by members of the self styled “Intellectual Elite” so your’s falls to the middle of the pack.

I know many young men and women currently serving their Country. Most of them are in Iraq but some are in Afghanistan and other parts of the world most will never know about. Five of them have given their lives for their Country. Two of them gave their lives as part of the compromised SEAL mission a couple weeks ago. For you to make the absurd statement that they were mercenaries is a slap in their face as well as the faces of the hundreds of thousands of other members of our military.

Your arrogant diatribe against our military is no real surprise. Those of us who have served already know you are not to be trusted or read for that matter. I stumbled upon your “piece” at Blackfive.net . The next time you decide to spout off about the military, perhaps you should read some of the articles in Blackfive’s “Someone you should know” category. Perhaps then you will have a better understanding of the character of our military. As long as you continue to listen to the “Intellectual Elite” echo chamber you will continue to write the kind of drivel found in this “piece”.

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One Response to “NYT Op/Ed Disgrace”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    What do you expect from a lowlife like him? The NYT is part the fifth column for Islammunism.

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