War on Terror and citizen’s responsibilities

Posted by on July 25, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the War on Terror. The barbarians have launched their attacks and we can promise ourselves that they will continue to attack us in our home countries. In this war there are no civilians…we are all soldiers. It appears that the vast majority of us have not come to that conclusion but it is quite clear that the barbarians have. They kill indiscriminately without warning. Your wives, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, and children are at risk at anytime of any day. We must be vigilant.

Because we are all soldiers we must work with our local law enforcement whenever possible. Declaring them jack-booted thugs and ignoring their orders may well result in your untimely demise as was evidenced in London last week. Was the police in London out of line? My friend Ralph thinks so. But, then again he seems to blame the attacks in London on President Bush and PM Blair as well.

Ralph makes the point that while American’s have been conditioned to work with the police and follow their orders/suggestions, that Europeans have not. I guess that means that had Mr. Menezes been chased by unarmed Bobbys he could have just run away from them. If that’s the way it’s played in London then they have anarchy. I suspect the average Brit has the same respect for law enforcement that the vast majority of Americans have and Mr. Menezes had some reason to run from the police and he picked the wrong day to do it. It was tragic but necessary. *IF* Mr. Menezes was carrying a bomb then a simple thumb switch could have detonated it killing himself and all the police that were chasing him. Thankfully the police wasn’t going to play that game. The tragedy could have been avoided…and THAT responsibility falls to Mr. Menezes not the police.

When the police wish to speak with us we must allow them to do so. When they wish to search our bags before boarding a bus, train, plane, or other public transportation device we have the option of saying, “no thanks” and walking away. If they persist then one of two things are going to happen…your bag is going to get searched or you are going to get shot. Tyranny? depends on how you look at it I reckon. It’s tyranny if you do not believe there’s a threat. If you believe the “jack-booted thugs” are simply harassing you because there is no “real” threat of a barbarian blowing up your bus then drag out your Glock and start shooting back. If you honestly believe it’s tyranny then you are obligated to take a stand against it. If you choose that route then we have civil war. Frankly, I’m not sure we’re that far from it and I’m also not sure it would be a bad thing.

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