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Posted by on July 29, 2005

Haven’t had a chance to do anything with the blog this week since monday or so. Here’s the brief comments for the week:

Shuttle Launch: Woo. Much ado about nothing really IMO. Can’t believe they were SHOCKED that more of the insulation came off the tank. Hope she makes it home in one piece.

“Over There”: Didn’t watch it. Too much hype and I had a sneaky suspicion there would be some political undertones. If ya want a War movie watch the Big Red One or the Dirty Dozen.

Judge Roberts: Yawn. He’ll get in unless the “loyal” opposition finds out about that time with the Goat in College.

London: Glad the Brits are tracking the barbarians down. I have a sooth on this…eventually the “loyal” opposition here in the States will start crowing about how “efficient” the Brits have been in going after their attackers yet President Bush is four years down the road and he *STILL* doesn’t have UBL. Mark it down. We’ll hear it eventually.

That’s it. Next two weeks are my own and if the office calls, emails, or telegraphs me I will be someplace else at that time. Thank goodness for caller id.

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2 Responses to “Drive by blogging”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    The Shuttle: change the U to an I; that’s what it is. We are paying the price of using 1960s technology to do a 21st century job. That’s what happens when innovation gives way to bureaucracy.

    “Over There”: Look…if I want to see that kind of action, I’ll just go to West Louisville. 😉

    Roberts: This is all about the DNC raising money for the 2006 election cycle. Unless Roberts has been downloading child porn, he’s in. Right now, it’s all grandstanding for fund-raising.

    London: I want to take some shooting lessons from those SAS troopers–oops, I meant cops–who shot that illegal immigrant who refused orders.

  2. Achillea Says:

    London: We’ve heard it already.

    Hattip to Q and O.

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