Scotland Yard, SHAME!

Posted by on August 17, 2005

When I wrote this I was under the impression that Scotland Yard was telling the truth about the events surrounding the killing of Mr. Menezes. It took a leak and exposure for them to come clean. If I’m a citizen of London suddenly I’m very VERY concerned. Before I go into that rant I have some ‘splainin to do myself.

Scotland Yard is guilty of Murder. Similiar in concept but smaller in scope to what the barbarians themselves did on July 7 and July 21 in the very same city…on the very same subway. My assumption that Mr. Menezes was guilty of the charges levelled against him by Scotland Yard was wrong. *I* took the liberty of believing Scotland Yard and therefore *I* am responsible for my statements. I was wrong and I apologize.

I would definately support a “never work again” settlement from Scotland Yard to the entire Menezes family both nuclear and extended. I also fully support the termination of everyone responsible for this barbarity within Scotland Yard and full prosecution. Unfortunately, Great Britain does not have the death penalty because these “people” so richly deserve it.

And now, back to my rant…

My buddy Ralph said in his piece:

Unfortunately the British and most Europeans don’t have the years of conditioning most Americans have. The British people particularly are not used to seeing armed police officers on their streets.

I still think this is rubbish. His sentiment is that the Brits and other Euros wouldn’t know what to do when an armed policeman approached them. I said that was silly in my original note and I maintain that now.

Ralph went on:

Mr. Bush and his accomplice Mr. Blair have sown the whirlwind of terrorism by their actions in Iraq. Now the British people are reaping that crop and the very nature of society and culture in Britain will be changed.

Ralph said a sooth here because apparently someone in Scotland Yard decided to make an example out of someone. Finding no one to make an example of, the found someone who had a slightly darker complexion and pounced on him with 5 rounds to the head. Spread the tale that he was running from police and that they believed he could be a terrorist so they shot him. Spread fear through the community and have everyone going stiff when they see the police and then SURELY the barbarians would stand out. Nice idea guys…really nice. Now that you’ve had to come clean no one is going to trust you and you have done more to HURT your security situation than help it.

Now, let me say that I still support the 5 rounds to the head approach to stopping suspected bombers. Unfortunately, we can’t trust Scotland Yard to make that call anymore.

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2 Responses to “Scotland Yard, SHAME!”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    I’m not sure I agree here. While I was at the gym, I saw the CNN coverage of this. It appears someone f***ed up big time. Murder? No. Negligence? Definitely. Heads should roll, but the incident itself looks like an honest mistake.

    I’m irritated about the way they handled it in the first place. For one thing, if he was suspected of being a terrorist, he should have been confronted before he even made it onto the bus. Scotland Yard had staked out his apartment. They could have confronted him peacefully on the streets, forced him to strip down, and taken him in for questioning. (The Israelis do this all the time.)

    If he were a terrorist, they were dumb for waiting until he was on the bus. After all, if he had a timing device, he could still have blown up the bus.

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Well…you are still buying what Scotland Yard said initially. After lieing about the shooting, why should we believe the rest of their story?

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