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Posted by on August 20, 2005

We all live in areas where the barbarians would just love to do something mean and nasty. We may not think of our home towns as terrorism targets but the fact is they may well be. We all live near major highways, dams, power plants, sleepy military outposts such as the Bluegrass Army Depot or even your local recruiting station.

You’ll also remember that our own homegrown barbarian Timothy McVeigh was arrested for a simple traffic violation.

You may also remember the Millenium Bomber who was arrested at the Canadian Border by a quick thinking Border Patrol Agent.

Those who would lop off our heads have to get form point A to point B somehow and when they do they may drive through your town. So, let’s say you see something suspicious…what to do? Our friends at the Northeast Intelligence Network has a solution. They have developed a form that helps you provide the information that the authorities would deem important in investigating your find.

20 August 2005: We have been receiving an increasing number of reports from people across the U.S. who have witnessed “suspicious” activity or odd behavior by individuals. In most cases, they have reported such activity to the police, but in some cases, they have had a difficult time recalling all of what they saw.

It would help to write what you see down as soon as possible – it would also help if you knew what information was important to provide to authorities. To that end, we are providing you with a reporting form to assist you in reporting suspicious activity to authorities.

Print and reproduce this form, keeping at least one copy with you, in your vehicle, purse or briefcase. Pass other copies to friends and associates. (From last week’s HQ INTEL-ALERT). Download the reporting form (PDF format)

The form can be found here.

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