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Posted by on August 25, 2005

Bellsouth Dialup tech support is a joke. Okay, I know these folks get calls from the below-Novice level users and have to go over their “list” but good grief…give us serious geeks a break!

I called last night trying to address a series of drops, timeouts, and generally poor throughput and had to put up with a person who was CONVINCED it was my machine. She wanted to adjust my IE settings(I haven’t used IE for ANYTHING since I’ve owned this computer and before that it was probably a couple years). Then she wanted to adjust my Virus scan install(I have it tweaked the way I like it thank you). Then she wanted to rebuild the dialup profile(don’t waste my time). She wasn’t going to listen to me. I told her the symptoms and the range of tools I experienced the symptoms with. I explained that if I crafted a packet with the URGENT flag set I could get reasonable throughput for about 5 minutes. The woman LAUGHED AT ME! What? Do you not trust me? TEST ME THEN! I was ready to reach through the phone and choke this innocent individual!

I hung up on her and went on the hunt for Satellite ISP that is reasonably priced. I’ll have a long LONG hunt it would seem. I know this, I won’t call for help again…it isn’t good for my blood pressure.

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One Response to “ISP TechSupport”

  1. Joel Esler Says:

    yeah, it’s actually pretty funny when the isp people call ME and ask ME “why is this taking place on the network”…


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