Pray. Hard.

Posted by on August 31, 2005

From Reuters - Woman on I10 escaping New Orleans

I took a walk tonight trying to figure out what I thought about this nightmare unfolding in New Orleans and environs. I have the same numb feeling I had watching the Indian Ocean Tsunami footage. The only thing I can do is pray. People often think praying is about talking with God. An actual conversation. How do you pray when you can’t find the words?

It’s easy really. God knows your heart. He feels your pain. As I walked around Shakertown tonight I carried a pen and pad waiting for the inspiration. Finding only a sunken, aching heart and that slight stinging sensation behind the eyes that comes before the tears, I sat down by the pond and just cried silently. I said nothing but I know God heard my cries of anger at Him for letting this happen. I know God heard my cries of help for those who still can’t be heard by the searchers. I know God heard my cries for Mercy for the injured, thirsty, lost, hungry, and the safe ones like Wizbang who can now carry all their worldly possessions in a small bag.

I’ll give my treasure to help the victims and feel just as guilty for not giving more as I did for the Tsunami victims.

I’ll also pray and know that God weeps too.

Verse 2:

This is for the widow, who now must sleep alone
When the memory of a kiss will have to do
Every night when she lays down, you can almost hear the sound
When God weeps too


God weeps too, God weeps too
Though we question Him for all that we go through
Still it helps me believe and my pain it does relieve
When I think that, God weeps too

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