Have you forgotten?

Posted by on September 11, 2005

It is a real shame that shows like Inside 9/11 have to be shown to remind Americans of the enemy we face. It’s a shame that we allow ourselves to be dilluded by the political bullcrap that takes place in Washington and Frankfort and forget that almost 3000 Americans were killed in 3 hours one morning not to long ago.

Here in Kentucky the media focuses on the latest bumbling by our Governor, the latest news from the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky football camps, and the latest news of the American dead from the battlefield. The last one is almost unforgivable because we never hear of the good being done in the cities and countries that have been liberated by these fallen heroes.

As I write this I have friends in Iraq, Afghanistan, places in depths of the ocean onboard Submarines, and places high above being the eyes behind satelites. All of these people are out there serving YOU dear reader. Whatever your political beliefs. Regardless of whether you would love to see something bad happen to America so your political fortunes rise. Regardless of whether you believe President Bush is evil. Regardless if you cheer while Israeli settlers weep as they are torn form their homes in Gaza. My friends, brothers and sisters in arms, serve and protect you even though you are offering nothing to them in the way of support. My friends, brothers and sisters in arms, die for you while you wave your “BusHitler” and “Talk to Cindy” signs.

Have you forgotten what these animals can do?

Nick Berg

Have you forgotten what they made our neighbors endure?


Have you forgotten?

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