Will Blanco pay the fiddler?

Posted by on September 19, 2005

There’s at least one guy who thinks she should. He setup an ImpeachBlanco site. Somebody needs to figure out EXACTLY what happened in the days leading up to the storm. They could have evacuated the entire city but for some reason they didn’t. Sorry Mayor Nagin, when you say you didn’t have bus drivers you are either lieing or are confused. See, those us drivers WORK FOR YOU sir. So either they all quit en masse or your are alittle confused.

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One Response to “Will Blanco pay the fiddler?”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    AMEN! If he can’t find the drivers, then that says something about his (lack of) management of his own city.

    Blanco doesn’t deserve to be impeached. She broke no laws. She screwed up, and that is because she is incompetent.

    However, incompetence is not grounds for impeachment. Recall? Yes. Impeachment? No.

    Nagin, on the other hand, should be investigated for criminal negligence with respect to his evacuation failures, and the extent to which his (mis)management of the city contributed to the utter failure of the Police department.

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