Miers Nomination

Posted by on October 13, 2005

I’ve been in 1862 for the past several weeks attending Civil War reenactments in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi with the 7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. It’s amazing the things you miss when time travelling. I completely missed the vote for Chief Justice Roberts as well as the nomination of this Miers lady.

I’ve had the opportunity to read and listen to alittle of the conservative mumbling about Miers. I’ve run through the range of emotions from outrage to disgruntlement to having simple faith in the President. Well, I’m pretty much back to outrage.

Senator Al-Kennedy’s comrades have effectively held Judicial Nominees hostage by threatening filibuster while Senator Frist and his weak majority sit idly by. It’s been said to death but it’s still true…the Senate Al-Queda supporters are blocking judicial nominees for the first time in the history of the Republic. This is the first time in history that the Senate has been controlled by the minority party and effectively shutdown by a threat. This simply must stop.

The President had an opportunity to force the hand of Senators Al-Kennedy and Al-Durbin by nominating a clear conservative with strong judicial experience. Nominating someone that would CLEARLY reach the “extreme circumstances” threshold the Gang of 14 set would force the fight in the Senate and decide once and for all if Presidential elections mean anything. Since President Bush was elected in 2000 he and his Senatorial “leadership” have allowed the minority party to control the place. The Senate is based on tradition. The rules set by the Senate at the beginning of each Congress are determined by that tradition. We are in year 6 of minority control of the Senate. How many more years until the act of filibustering Judicial Nominees becomes part of that tradition? Whether the Republicans are doing it or the Democrats it’s still wrong. We have to stop this now. It will be ugly and Al-Kennedy and the rest of his Al-Queda supporting cadre will scream bloody murder(of course having murder and Kennedy in the same sentence is repetitive…excuse me for that) but we are all used to that by now.

But no. The President has caved to the political pressure. He reminds me of the sports team that is struggling and begins to believe in what the reporters are saying about them rather than what they are capable of….something we are QUITE familiar with in Kentucky during football season. Mrs. Miers is a fine, God Fearing, woman who may be the perfect picture of the Supreme Court Justice. We won’t know until she’s confirmed. She’s just not the person we NEED right now.

I’m not sure the Senate conservatives would win this fight but we darn sure NEED this fight to be settled one way or another.

Mrs. Miers, do us all a favor and withdraw your name. It’s looking worse and worse for your chances in the Senate and that only hurts the President and the party. Withdraw your name and ask the President to use some of that political capital he won in the election to force the Senate into the fight that we need as a Nation.

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