Instant Democracy, just add blood!

Posted by on October 15, 2005

As the boxes were sealed in Iraq it appears that the overall turnout is around 61%, up 3 points from the last national election. The Iraqi people are voting on a Constitution barely three years after we, the United States and some 40 other countries, helped liberate them.

There are some that will ask why it took so long. There are others that ask if 2,000 American lives were worth it. Let’s take a comparative look at the timeframe and the cost in lives.

We’ll start with why it took “so long” to get the Iraqi people voting on a Constitution.

The American Revolution began April 19, 1775 and the “end of major hostilities” came on October 24, 1781. That is a war lasting 6 years, 6 months and 5 days. Military manuevers and some conflicts continued through August 27, 1782 with an official end of the war coming on April 11, 1783.

The first draft Constitution emerged in 1787…yes, that would be 4 years after the official END(no wagon bombs and no wild eyed Tories blowing themselves up in school houses) of the Revolutionary War.

The Iraq War began March 20, 2003 and the “end of major hostilities” came on May 3, 2003. That is a war lasting roughly 6 weeks. Military manuevers and some conflicts continue through today. Still, even though it has only been alittle over 2 years since the “end of major hostilities”, about the same time interval that the first American flag made it’s debut in 1777, the Iraqi people have elected the equivalent of our Constitutional Convention Delegates and now have voted on their first draft Constitution.

So…why did it take so long? What in the **bleep** do you want? Instant Democracy? Well, in historical terms that is EXACTLY what the Iraqi people have done. Instant Democracy, just add blood.

Which leads us to the next comparison…the cost in lives.

At present the War in Iraq, or more appropriately called the Battle for Iraq as part of the War on Terror, has cost the lives of 1,970 Americans. For those lives The Coalition has effectively liberated 26,074,906 Iraqis. Let’s compare that to the most costly war in American history. NO, Senator Al-Kennedy, that would NOT be Vietnam.

The American Civil War cost the lives of roughly 360,222 Americans who fought for the Union. For those lives approximately 3,950,528 people of african ancestry were liberated. I ask you, dear reader, were those lives worth it?

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