Flock is Delicious!

Posted by on October 24, 2005

Welp…once again I follow the King Rat’s suggestion and lookie where itlands me.

Go. Get. FLOCK! This is as close to communal browsing as I’ve seen since Powwow back in the old days. Browse away and dump your favorite links in Del.icio.us(as easy as hitting a button) for the whole world to enjoy. Check it out…Web2.0 at it’s best.

It’s a neat toy riddled with potential privacy and security problems for the uninitiated. Not that the program itself promotes anti-privacy practices or even has security problems(I’m sure it does, just none that we’ve found thus far). I can just see folks posting links to their intranets, banks, etc. without regard to the fact that said links may well be PRIVATE links but without any authentication required. Yes…I said it…Security by Obfuscation is alive and well in our world.

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