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While some other Conservatives seem to be jumping to the defense of the Administration and Scooter Libby I’m in the other camp. If the indictment is true, he lied to a Grand Jury and not by accident.

My conservative brethren are saying this is not what the case was about. The case was about outing a covert CIA agent. [insert wild eyed rant here about how Ms. Plame wasn’t covert and how the seditious Joe Wilson already outted her by treating her like a trophy wife]. While all that may be true, it is still a crime to lie to a Grand Jury. Apparently Mr. Rove also lied but he came forward on his own to clear up his “mis-statement”. See folks, it’s about intention. Mr. Libby CLEARLY knew about Ms. Plame on Monday July 7, 2003 when he spoke to Ari Fliescher about her. Then, the following Thursday July 10, 2003 he claimed a conversation took place between himself and Tim Russert where the topic came up and that was the first time he heard it. He repeated this story 4 times. Twice to FBI Agents when NOT under oath and twice to the Grand Jury, clearly under oath. If he was protecting someone in the White House then shame on him and shame on the White House for allowing the behavior. Am I supposed to believe that he wasn’t debriefed by his boss when he returned from testifying? If so, I can’t. If the Vice President DIDN’T debrief his subordinate after such an important event then that comes to close to dereliction of duty in my book. When my subordinate’s have discussions with the senior staffers I want to know about it so I’m not surprised. Not sure about the law on this but I think I would have made that conversation happen even if it was over coffee in a noisy environment…ahem.

Clinton was aquitted of his perjury charges by the weak kneed US Senate led by the weak kneed Trent Lott. That makes Clinton INNOCENT of the charges made against him…just like OJ. For Libby’s sake, and by extension the White House, I hope the jury aquits him as well. But honestly, I don’t see 2 FBI agents, a former Press Secretary, and a leading national member of the Legacy Media making this up.

It’s true that the case itself wasn’t about this particular charge…but it’s still wrong to lie to a grand jury for the express purpose of covering up …er…protecting you boss.

About the case itself…there never was a case about Ms. Plame. She was widely known to be a CIA employee in the Washington community. Her previous positions within the Agency had her in some covert capacity but that was long ago and well outside the criteria of the law in question. Seditious Joe is a political hack and when his feeble attempt to derail the Battle in Iraq failed he turned to his “poor outted CIA AGENT wife…you did know my wife is a CIA AGENT didn’t you”.

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  1. SingleMind Says:

    I agree. If he did what he is alleged to have done, then Libby is guilty. Pure and simple. The only issue is how much time he gets. There is no defense for what he did.

    On the other hand, it is funny to watch the mainstream media treat this indictment as if it is the end of the Bush Administration. (That’s a faith-based initiative on their part.)

    In fact, the real news is that Rove was not indicted.

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