Microsoft to join the Web2.0 Revolution?

Posted by on November 6, 2005

It seems that Microsoft sees folks like Google and Yahoo and sees yet another threat. Since they can’t really reverse engineer web applications they have to try and beat their adversaries through traditional means…in the market place.

The company will offer “Office Live” to help small and midsize businesses use and maintain the suite of software used for applications such as e-mail, scheduling, spreadsheets and word processing.

Let’s see what we have here. Microsoft offering web applications that will help small and midsized businesses. I’d bet my next paycheck these applications will require Internet Explorer so they can exploit the vulnerability known as ActiveX. So, the technology responsible for these kinds of spyware, trojan, and other illegal installations should be trusted when users are entering their business information? Not sure I would go there myself.

No thanks guys…I’ll continue to use Firefox. Since you guys have “upped the anty” on Google and Yahoo I’ll just wait for one of them or someone else to beat you at your own game. You did know that OpenOffice is open source right? How long do you think it will take for someone put that up on a webserver for us all to use? That is if it hasn’t been done already.

Dump ActiveX or at least make it SAFE for the masses who don’t know how to avoid the bad guys out there.

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