When Murtha speaks, I listen.

Posted by on November 17, 2005

Representative John Murtha(D-PA) came out today calling for the immediate withdrawal of American Troops from Iraq. I have consistently argued against such an idea when offered from by Al-Queda Americans like Senator Al-Kennedy and Representative Al-Pelosi. But I have to admit, when John Murtha comes out against the Battle in Iraq I have to think about what he’s saying. One of the reasons I have written off what Al-Kennedy and his minion have to say is the fact they have a demonstrated their hatred of the American Military since they first entered public life. Representative Murtha has been a strong friend of the American Armed Forces and was a hawk during the run up to the invasion of Iraq. He understands the military, it’s capabilities, and it’s shortfalls. When says:

U.S. and coalition troops have done all they can in Iraq

I have to bow to his wisdom. When he says we have to leave Iraq immediately, I have to give it some serious thought. He says we can completely withdraw from Iraq in six months and laid out a plan where a QRF of Marines would guard our flanks as we retreat and surrender the field to the enemy. Obviously, he thinks we have lost this war and must tuck tail and run. After some serious consideration, and assuming we are packing our bags and leaving, I have another exit strategy for him to consider.

Check it out.

Like HELL I agree with him. We saw what happens when we destroy a country and then just leave after WWI…that is EXACTLY why we used the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after WWII. When we high tailed it out of Vietnam we ALLOWED the butcher Pol Pot to take power in Cambodia as well as allowing the Communists to 0\/\/N Vietnam. When we pulled out of Iraq after Desert Storm, Hussein went about killing the Kurds with reckless abandon. Representative Murtha, I respect your service to our country in both the Marine Corps and the House. You are to be commended for your respectful dissent contrasted sharply by your “colleagues” in the House and Senate. But sir you are WRONG on this.

Even if the fight in Iraq was going as poorly as you say we would be BOUND to stay and get the country on it’s feet. To anyone with military experience or anyone who has studied military history it is CLEAR we are winning this fight in a most stunning fashion. I’m not sure where you get your information but I am certain that if the Generals thought this fight was a lost cause they would be relaying that up the chain of command. With the leaks and traitors in the American Media I GUARANTEE YOU that if that message was sent we wouldn’t need cable news networks or the New York Crimes to tell us. They would be screaming it so loud we could just stick our heads out our windows to hear the horrible tale. No sir. I respectfully disagree with you on this one. If we need an Exit Strategy, check the link above for my solution.

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3 Responses to “When Murtha speaks, I listen.”

  1. SingleMind Says:

    I like the BlackFive strategy! Hooah!

  2. Don Surber Says:

    Abraham Lincoln Bush

    The Democratic Party crossed a line today for which there is no turning back. They have gone from being the Loyal Opposition to the Party of Appeasement. The Surrender Iraq movement propped up the alleged hawk John Murtha and had him deliver the tearfu…

  3. SingleMind Says:

    Don: I absolutely agree with you. The DNC has been hijacked by the elitists of the Left, which is little more than a shill for Communist Party USA. These are the same bunch of losers who were screaming, “ho ho ho chi minh” during Vietnam. They spat and shat on our troops then, just like they do today. They have never seen an anti-American cause that they have not supported.

    Murtha has capitulated to this sorry group of scumbags.

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