Senator Kerry gets verbed…

Posted by on November 22, 2005

John O’Neill has a way of climbing out of his law office at just the right times. Yesterday he appeared in the New York Sun with a scathing article on John Kerry’s comments related to the Murtha comments.

Senator Kerry, supposedly defending Rep. John Murtha, said, “I won’t stand for the Swift-Boating of Jack Murtha!” As one of the 254 members of Mr. Kerry’s unit in Vietnam who belonged to Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth, I found Mr. Kerry’s comments most ironic.

To us, Mr. Kerry’s comments meant that no one should do to Mr. Murtha that which Mr. Kerry did to all of us and our fellow Vietnam veterans, living and dead. Mr. Kerry’s disgraceful comments on many occasions in 1971 (while we were locked in combat), claiming falsely that we were “murdering” hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and committing rape and mayhem on a daily basis, are a part of the public record for which he has never apologized. This might be called “Kerrying” our soldiers.

In his own strange way, in his recent comments, Mr. Kerry was trying by implication to compare himself to Mr. Murtha – the gravest of insults to Mr. Murtha, who was given a standing ovation by the House of Representatives (which then properly buried his immediate pullout suggestion 403-3). Mr. Murtha’s long military record stands in stark contrast with Mr. Kerry’s continuous self-promotion of his short and controversial service in our unit. More importantly, Mr. Murtha has never compared our troops in the field – now or then – to the “Army of Genghis Khan” or claimed our adversaries, whether the bloody communists and Khmer Rouge or the butchers of Al Qaeda, were simply democratic reformers. Can anyone – even in the cocoon of Washington or the incestuous world of Mainstream Media – imagine either side of the aisle spontaneously rising to clap for anything that Mr. Kerry ever did or said?

Excellent points as usual from Mr. O’Neill. Go read the whole thing…NOW!

UPDATE: This is what I get for trying to blog at work. I tracked Brainster’s definition of “Kerry” here and completely lost track of myself and didn’t include the link here! Apologies sir and thanks for the OUTSTANDING definition. 😉

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4 Responses to “Senator Kerry gets verbed…”

  1. Brainster Says:

    Just a friendly bit of advice: It’s considered impolite to leave a trackback ping at a blog without actually linking to the post on that blog. I generally toss a link to my trackbackers.

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Oopsy! I fixed it. Got carried away at the office and had to rush it up a bit.

  3. David A. Kibler Says:

    I think that John O’Neill would be an absolutly fantastic choice for the next opening on the Supreme Court. His credentials are impecable and he would drive the Dems crazy. The only problem is that he probable wouldn’t do it.

  4. Brainster Says:

    No problem, Pilgrim, glad to link back to you.

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