War on DeanCo widens

Posted by on December 8, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the image of our enemy:

Surrender Dean

This is the man that would have us up and quit in Iraq leaving the innocent citizens to the whims of the barbarians. This is the man that is helping to destroy the once great Democratic Party in America. Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, Lyndon Johnson, and Harry Truman must be spinning in their graves. This is not the party of those men. Oh…by the way two of those men are single handedly responsible for Vietnam.

I’m with North Dakota Democrat Rep. Earl Pomeroy when he says:

“My words to Howard Dean are simple – shut up,” Pomeroy told WDAY Radio in North Dakota on Thursday.

Congressman Pomeroy goes on to say the rhetoric on both sides has fallen short of what our military men and women deserve. That’s a true statement as well I’m sure but I have yet to hear any Republican talk our military down like we hear from Senator Al-Durbin, Al-Kennedy and the other members of the DeanCo militia.

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