Senator McConnell chimes in

Posted by on January 1, 2006

Today, my senior Senator, Mitch McConnell, on Fox News Sunday let us know what he thought about the NSA thing:

“We’re already talking about this entirely too much out in public as a result of these leaks … and it’s endangering our efforts to make Americans more secure,” McConnell said.

Amen sir. The hearings that are certainly going to be held on this, whether to determine the leak or to determine if the operation itself was legal, will have to be held in secret. This will drive the Anti-American Senators and House members nuts because they won’t be able to further damage our capabilities. Tough excrement. You are lucky we live in a more “sensitive” world than we used to.

But the sad fact is, they won’t respect a closed hearing either. They will be rushing to cameras to spew their guts as soon as, or before, the closing gavel rings in the chambers. Anything they can do to put our country in jeopardy is fair game to these people.

Thanks for chiming in Senator. Keep it up…you MUST be more vocal and tell Senator Bunning to speak up to. I would suggest doing the same for Congressman Chandler but he’s attached to the Pelosi\Kennedy Democrat teet.

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