Abramoff and his buddies

Posted by on January 3, 2006

You are right Michelle, Abramoff is a sleaze bag. Anyone who is knowingly in bed with him is also a sleaze bag.

Call me an idealist but I think public servants should be completely transparent. It should come with the job. There is no more privacy for you. Your tax records, from the moment you are sworn in, becomes public record. I’m not advocating anything here, it’s a fact. Maybe not a legal fact but it is certainly a Red Pill fact. The only way to completely avoid having your privacy stripped from you is to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. That is something the current Governor of Kentucky has failed to grasp. We’ll see how many of our public servants in DC have also failed to grasp it.

We, the people, elect you because we believe in you and your ideas. When you garner the appearance of impropriety your integrity is called into question and we will have no further use for you. At least that is how it should be.

Here’s hoping that few, if any, get caught up in this mess. But for those that do, regardless of party, may you rot in prison for a very long time with a violent cellmate who mistakenly believes you are a child molester. I don’t care if you are Speaker Hastert or Congressman Chandler…Leader Frist or Senator Bunning.

Keep your nose clean folks.

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